Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning

Due to our extensive training and expertise we are able to identify the potential dangers, create a plan and  eliminate any Biohazardous Infectious Materials from any type of scenarios.


Biohazardous Cleanup

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified specialists. Every scene is different and each and every one of our specialists, are ready  to face biohardous threats.

Forensic Chemicals

Forensic Chemicals when applied by law enforcements can lead to a toxic environment, if not professionally cleaned up.


Professionally eliminating, removing or killing biological agents present in an environment by creating a sterile climate.

Ready for any challenge

With careful planning and preparation we ensure that the imediate threat is rapidly identified and eliminated. Most crime and trauma scenes represent uncertain scenarios, this is why it is extremely important to follow specific protocols.

24 / 7 / 365

Crime services can be free. In order to find out if you qualify please contact us at 1-866-724-0800.

Professional Team

Every Crew of technicians is highly trained and certifiiad for any kind of hazardous scenario. As well, we work with different protocols depending on situation to ensure a safe envirnoment. Moreover, the experienced squad is certified to work with dangerous materials. We respect and understand your privacy and we commit to a quick and safe cleaning to help you move past the tragedy.

Decontamination Procedures

The decontamination procedures are scientificly founded and based on numerous facts that can be encountered in a crime or truama scene. Our procedures ensure that we contain the affected areas, in order to prevent further contamination. 

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Call us 24 / 7 / 365 at 1-866-724-0800.